‘It starts with a good question’

Our mission:

Create a sense of togetherness and warm memories in a fun way
‘Creating memories’

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Meet the team!

Lars Blokdijk

Lars Blokdijk

Mindfulness enthusiast and freedom lifestyle entrepreneur

Bart Kloosterhuis

Bart Kloosterhuis

Coach and human guinea pig in psychology and top performance

Liz Zeeman

Liz Zeeman

Former management and advisor fort he board of directors at the Rabobank, now writer about minimalism and mindfulness

The game Vertellis

This is the ultimate game to look forward to every Christmas or New Years Eve.

You play it with your family, household and / or friends.

After the game you know who observed the others the best over the past year, but the important thing is that stories are told and good talks get underway.

Voorbeeld van een speelkaart
Voorbeeld van een speelkaart

The game is played in four rounds.

The first and third rounds consist of individual questions that look back on the past year (round 1) and look ahead to the coming year (round 3).

These rounds bring out the best stories on the table,

but …. asking questions is important. ‘Oh, really? Tell us!’

In both the second and fourth round there will be the opportunity to compete for points. In these rounds you should guess certain things about the people you play the game with…

How well do you know each other?

Available while stocks last

„It all started with handwritten cards.“

On a chilly December afternoon in Holland, we came up with the idea to make an unique Christmas present for our families. It had to be something that would be remembered and what would make Christmas itself different.

It became a cosy and cute game, handwritten on paper cards with questions like „Which person do you want to say thank you to?“ And „What are you most proud of?“

Vertellis as we know it today started with a succesful crowdfunding campaign and quickly after that it took Holland by storm.

That’s why we now offer the game professionaly designed and with this we want to bring more intimacy to friend, family’s and colleagues all over the world.

handgeschreven kaartjes

bart en liz

Vertellis was a great success

The game Created a sense of togetherness and warm memories in a fun way during the holidays.

After that Christmas we played Vertellis on several occasions with friends and these nights are also etched in our memory. Besides our family, our friends were also enthusiastic and encouraged us even to make this game available for more people. How cool would it be if others also experience such beautiful nights?


The consequences of playing Vertellis…

  • memorable moments
  • Sincere attention, conviviality and connection
  • A look at the main events and highlights from your fellow players of the past year and a look at the wishes and plans for the coming year

    Disclaimer: Vertellis may cause unexpected hugs and kisses

Vertellis gezellig

For only € 14.95 you can get this heart warming game in your home.  

By ordering Vertellis you help spread the mission. Our mission: Bring as many people closer together.

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